Commercial Defit Perth

Sustainability & Responsible Thinking

Allied Commercial Services is committed to waste management and recycling, adhering to strict procedural policies during every step of a shop, office or other commercial defit in Perth. We aim to achieve the highest level of environmental compliance through careful monitoring of waste and emissions and improved levels of training and awareness for all staff members.

At Allied we always take into account the specific environmental needs of every unique defit project, but because we take overall responsibility for environmental activities we achieve greater consistency while striving to meet our sustainability goals.

As our waste management processes identify potential risks and environmental issues prior to commencement of a commercial defit, we are able to effectively implement systems that have helped our clients achieve their desired environmental goals.

Achieving Environmental Objectives

Allied Commercial Services works seamlessly alongside contractors to secure the successful delivery of our clients environmental concerns. We will achieve this by:

  • Implementing a comprehensive defit waste management plan prior to project commencement.
  • Identifying materials that can be utilised elsewhere on-site or on other projects.
  • Segregation of all on-site waste.
  • Consolidating transport to minimise the amount of CO2 emissions while travelling to and from the site.
  • Careful consideration of all tools used throughout the defit project (hydraulic, electric, petrol powered etc.).

See here for more information regarding the importance of waste management, or contact us today and experience the most environmentally friendly commercial defit Perth property maintenance companies can  provide!