Office, Shop & Commercial Renovation

Office, Shop & Commercial Renovation

When workers start strolling in and out of your space, there’ll be dust and dirt all over the place, and entire areas will be unusable for the duration as redecorating projects can certainly be highly disruptive to working daily life. However, a little forward planning ahead of time, can make all the difference, and definitely helps things run much that more smoothly.

Here are a couple of ideas to carry out before the madness starts, for a much smoother and less intrusive renovation.


Most people will go down the cheapest road that they can find, and then later on wish that they hadn’t. Budgeting is one thing, but it might just be in your best interests to do the homework first, or ask around family and friends to see if they know anybody with hands on experience. If a property maintenance company looks a little too cheap, wonder why, and maybe opt for a better one. But saying that, should the cheapest come out tops in your research, at least be sure that you add on about at least an extra 20%, just in case any inevitable issues pop up. If you’re looking for quality, check out Allied Commercial Services.

The Best Out There

Finding the right contractor can be difficult, but Allied Commercial Services are property maintenance professionals and know what it’s all about. Employing the best contractor is in your best interests. A reputable contractor will offer a range of professional services such as, defitting, repair work, carpentry, demolition, electrical and plumbing tasks, along with painting and decorating, plus laying floors and more. Make sure to check out a company’s track record before signing any agreements!

Reality Bites

Get realistic. There’s nothing wrong with imagination as it can be the start of any good project, but to get the best experience, you will have to be realistic about what can be done and what cannot. Have a chat with your contractor of choice, tell them about your budget, and see what they can come up with. They’re in the business professionally, and also have the experience, so they can definitely advise you or what can and can’t be achieved. 

The Future — Simply Enhanced Business Reputation

Your new well-maintained property will not just be safer, it will be a much improved working environment for you and your staff. This is a great way of promoting how sincere you are about your business to all of your customers. A drab and poorly maintained office or commercial premises sends out a negative message to potential customers, and will definitely impact your reputation.

Your Choice

At Allied Commercial Services, we will only provide you with a service that will make your business look modern, attractive and stylish, and we’re more than pleased to offer advice whenever you need it. Simply contact us today for a free quote and more information.