Q. My lease has ended and I need to vacate my tenancy and return it to the landlord as I found it, can you help?

A. Yes of course, this has been our core business focus for over 25 years. Our professionalism when dealing with building owners and managers has helped many clients achieve a smooth transition.

Q. Can you provide me with a quote via email or over the phone? What about a sqm rate?

A. Not really. The cost of a project is determined by a number of elements including site access, lift size, location of bins, restrictions on working hours, site location etc. Whilst we may be able to provide you with an estimate, our quotes are usually based on a site inspection.

Q. My end of lease obligations are complicated and involve a lot of tasks which I don’t understand?

A. Having over 25 years experience we can help explain your end of lease obligations to you and take care of everything.

Q. Do you do after hours works?

A. We do, due to the nature of our customer requirements and also to minimise the impact on surrounding homes and businesses.

Q. How long does a defit normally take to complete?

A. This depends on the site and the degree of makegood required. Kiosks can be completed in 1 night, retail stores can usually take 2–4 days and offices 1–2 weeks depending on size. We always work to ensure the fastest possible turnaround and provide a strategy that works for you.

Q. I environmental concerns and want to minimise any negative impact, will this be considered?

A. Absolutely! We know how much waste is generated during this process, we have a stringent policy of re-allocate, recycle, and dispose where no other option is available.