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3 Tips for a Hassle-Free Office Defit

Virtually any office space that your company leases is going come with a defit and make good clause. This essentially means that you’re expected to return the office to its original condition before you leave — both by dismantling and removing any fixtures you added, and by repairing or restoring anything that you damaged or changed.

As leading providers of property maintenance in Perth, we’ve lost count of the number of office defits that Allied Commercial Services have overseen. This is one of our areas of specialisation, and we have an insider’s perspective on how to approach an office defit.

Needless to say, we often find that our clients are somewhat unprepared for the reality of the defit. We specialise in making the entire process easier, and just having our team around to manage the process significantly reduces potential hassles.

But in some cases, we also find that there are preliminary steps our clients could’ve taken to make the entire process run more smoothly. We’ll go over a three of them below:

1. Be Thorough from Day One

One of the biggest problems that arise from make good clauses is that tenants simply aren’t prepare to fulfil them — usually due to a lack of initial planning. You may even consider obtaining a dilapidation report from the landlord. This will detail the office space’s condition upon your moving in, and it helps paint a picture of what’s expected when you leave.

2. Take a Picture When You Move In

Actually, take heaps of them. Given the ease with which you can snap and save photos with your smart phone, there’s really no reason not to take as many photos as you deem necessary. This is a means of recording pre-existing damage, which could come in handy when it’s time to move out. Photo evidence is crucial in the event that the landlord genuinely believes the damage to be a result of your tenure when in fact it wasn’t.

3. Understand Your Make Good Clause

A layperson could be forgiven for not being sure what to make of the make good clause on their lease. These clauses are often written in dense legal jargon that’s difficult to decipher. This is an area in which our team which provides property maintenance Perth wide can help, as we have years of experience interpreting and conforming to defit and make good terms. And in the event that we’re not able to offer specific advice, we can certainly point you to one of our recommended legal advisors.

Finally, it also merits mentioning that the expected cost of both your fit out and defit services should play a role in determining how long you stay at a specific office location. Before you move in, roughly calculate how much it will cost you to fit the space out and return it to its original condition. After that, determine how long the company will need to operate from this space before you’ve recouped these expenses.

And as always, if you have any questions about the defit process for the property where you operate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Allied Commercial Services.